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We are SO fortunate to have been able to get our kids into school with Mrs.Tranchina and the other amazing teachers at SBCP. We learned about the school from a friend whose boy is just a lovely person, and the teachers have exceeded our expectations in how they teach our children. Not only the basics for school readiness, but how to be kind, share, develop manners and etiquette, coping skills, problem solving skills, charity and generosity. All parents are nervous about leaving their kids in the care of others, these teachers have become a second family for us.

Dori M.

We spent 5 years at SBC with 3 of our children. Joanne and her team are so incredibly caring, thoughtful and inspiring. We never had a problem dropping off our children because it is as environment is as warm as home. All 3 of our kids came out completely prepared for kindergarten. We loved how socially they were prepared on top of the academics.

Plus, you got Rudy's and Bongiornos next door. You can't beat it!

Brian C.

We could not have chosen a better preschool to send our daughter to. Joanne and her talented team of teachers taught our daughter so many valuable life skills (making friends, working together in a group, problem solving, conflict resolution, becoming independent, etc) in a fun, loving, and nurturing environment. Because of this fabulous school, she has thrived socially and is more than ready for kindergarten.

Amy G.

This is an amazing preschool! My daughter loved going here and is sad school is out for the summer! She asks me everyday if we are going to preschool today! The teachers are wonderful and so thoughtful and caring. We will definitely be back next year and I hope to send my younger daughter here when it's time. I would recommend this preschool without hesitation to anyone!

Tracy P.

I have had both of my daughters attend SBCPS and have been so happy with our experience. The teachers are sensitive, loving and nurture the children's needs. My girls have a deep joy for learning because of this first experience with school. We will forever appreciate the teachers who have helped built their character.

Julie Thomas

"What I love most about Joanne Tranchina and her staff, is that they use a language based teaching approach when facilitating the Children's social, emotional, and behavioral development. Instead of saying "no" or "stop" , you will hear something much different ( "Friends, I'm excited too. Lets wait until we are outside and then we can scream.")"

Molly Koustmer

"We can not recommend "Bear School" enough! Both of my children learned, discovered and were loved there! My daughter went there for 3 years and now is in Kindergarten and my son is in his last year. They recently sent out enrollment forms for next year and we did not get one......needless to say I had a tears in my eye. It is more than just a preschool.... is it a safe and loving environment where children can grow. Mrs.Trachina has not only helped my children grow....she has helped and coached me through some difficult times. We love her and the school."

Monica N.

"I have had two girls at SBCP and I can not imagine a better place for my kids. I always felt they were safe, happy, and learning to be smart, responsible people. As a first time parent, and even the second time around, I could ask questions about the best way to handle issues, and Mrs. Tranchina always had thoughtful, helpful answers, which still makes my job as Mom easier.

"I recommend SBCP for all kids. It's a great place!"

P. Porras

"The absolute best preschool! We had to relocate and I cannot find a preschool even close to this one, this is a special place that will never be forgotten in our family. The teachers are amazing the warmth and knowledge Joanne displays is the key to this wonderful enviroment. Trusting someone else with the care of your child is so hard, Solona Beach Preschool made it easy. We will always remember them and the great start they gave us."

Tami J.

"This is the most amazing preschool! My daughter went here years ago and we are still very close to the teachers. Plus, my daughter is still friends with many of the children and some of my closest "mom" friends were women I met through this incredible school.

"Don't let the strip-mall location fool you...once you are in the gate it is like magic. It is such a happy place full of love and encouragement. My daughter was incredibly shy when she started at the school and they helped her come out of her shell and thrive!"

"If you are looking for a great experience for you kids, then please go visit the school, talk to the teachers, and watch the joy on the kids' faces."

M M.

"One word: Incredible. Both of my boys went to this preschool for 2 years and absolutely loved it! The teachers are so organized, thoughtful, and look to teach to each individual child's needs. There is structure yet a very nuturing environment and a school that has a long history in the Solana Beach community. The learning through play and social development was perfect for my kids. As soon as we entered the front door, my boys were off and playing and completely forgot about me. It was very difficult graduating to kindergarten but my kids still go back to say hi to their teachers. I also loved the time from 9am to 2pm--good preparation for full day kindergarten. You won't regret it for a moment if you choose this preschool...your child will love it and will be well prepared for the next step."

Kristin S.

My daughter loves it! My daughter is in her 2nd year at SBPP and she is so happy and comfortable there. All of the teachers have been teaching there for a long time and they are very nice and dedicated. In my opinion the price is great for what you get.


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